Friday, April 4, 2014

Finished Projects

I finished up a few more of my projects this week. Does anyone else have several projects going at the same time? I will start a project and sometimes I get it finished quickly. Other times, I will get to a certain point in the project and then I procrastinate and put off finishing it, and instead begin a new project.

I will get several quilt tops made and then I will finally break down and baste several of them. Then I can take my time quilting them. I used to take my tops to someone to have them quilted. Where I lived at it was hard to find someone who machine quilted. Although, now days with the internet it is easier to find machine quilters.

With the internet and you tube, it helped me to take the plunge and learn to machine quilt using my home sewing machine.

There are several good teachers on the internet who have taken the time to make videos for beginners to learn to machine quilt. Leah Day was a great inspiration for me with her Free Motion Quilting Videos. And something that she said on her blog, "There is no wrong way to quilt" was a great break-through in my mind for me to not be afraid to just do it.

And one thing that I have learned is...that practice makes perfect.

Enough of my soap box and onto some pictures of the projects that I have finally finished this week.

This was made using the Ellie Ann charms that I hade on hand. I had sewn them together to form the center, added a narrow border of white fabric and then a larger border of green print fabric that I had in my stash.

I added some lace around the border when I did the binding.

This little quilt was made using a Glamping charm pack by Mary Jane. I machine quilted the center using a loopy loop desing. And then I used a wavy line in the border.

I used a heart stitch to sew the binding.

The loopy loop design that I quilted on my home machine.
Practice makes perfect!
I still need to practice.

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